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Tilapia misery


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Tilapia misery

Deb Van D | Apr 27, 2005 07:55 PM

This has been bugging me since last weekend and I am curious about any experiences out there. I was pretty excited to find fish tacos on a menu (finding a decent rendition in Manhattan is a thin business at best) and ordered 'em up. The fish was tilapia and it was horrible, at least to me. Not as in Bad Fish, but it had a muddy, unappealing taste that no amount of spice could make palatable.

I'm wondering if this was a curious happening or perhaps a characteristic of the fish itself. Or maybe my sense of taste is still compromised by a sinus misery last February that nearly (nearly) put me off martinis.

I love fish, all fish, from arctic char to sturgeon (okay, I don’t really like sturgeon, and don't worry too much about the mackeral next time, come to that), but I reeeeeely didn’t love that tilapia. God, it was lousy!

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