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"Tightening" of space in some messages?


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"Tightening" of space in some messages?

LindaWhit | Jul 19, 2006 05:35 PM

Is it just me? I just read this post on GT

And the spacing in the post is MUCH tighter than others I've read. No extra "white space" between the "about 21 hours ago..." line and the actual text written by the poster, and then the bottom "Reply" line and then the gray line separator between posts.

IN addition, the background is the taupe-y color - NOT a white like on other posts. It *just* seems to be this post, however.

So, after all that - can I say I *LIKE* the tighter formatting? I'm not crazy about all taupe for responses, but I *LIKE* the tighter formatting!

If the Team wants to know what I'm talking about, I've taken a couple of PrintScreens of the thread. Just let me know.

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