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Thread Moving Nonsense

Naco | Jan 24, 201206:25 AM

Recently, I started this thread:


The subject was twofold: a store-branded soup found in a regional grocery store chain, and a question as to the true identity of the soup and/or some similar recipes. I posted the thread on my regional board because the grocery store in question is peculiar to this region. Thus, people in other areas won't have a clue as to what I am talking about and will be unable to help- which reduces the utility of the thread to a numerical value which is rather close to zero, I'm afraid.

Moving threads like this which rely on regional or local knowledge is foolish and you should stop it. I realize that this thread is unlikely to produce a satisfactory resolution, but I cannot resist the impulse to point and laugh every time foolishness like this takes place. You would do yourselves credit if you stopped.

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