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Two thousand years time-tested Chinese noodles at Guilin Cuisine in Mississauga

TonyMississauga | Apr 14, 201911:14 AM     2

The legendary Guilin rice noodles (aka Guilin mifen) originated 2,200 years ago during the Qin dynasty. Guilin (pronounced Kwei-Lin) is a city in China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, which is just west of Guangdong and northeast of Vietnam. Here’s a video clip of a street food tour in Guilin.

The new Guilin Cuisine restaurant is located in Mississauga’s Golden Square Centre plaza at 1177 Central Pkwy West (opposite BTrust supermarket’s south entrance), tel: 905-268-0938.

Guiin Cuisine's pictured Guilin mifen is a worthy challenger to the old Silk Road’s phenomenal lamb soup with hand-made noodles (before SR’s ownership changed) for best noodle dish in the GTA. Guilin mifen (No. 1) is a $10 dry round rice noodle dish is loaded with crispy meat (aka Guilin-style super-crispy roast pork belly… like a crispier sio bak), marinated beef, peanuts, pickled green beans, etc. that you mix with the secret light sauce under the noodles. My pictured dish had added beef balls for $3 (other options: bbq pork, beef, marinated beef, crispy meat for $3 each as well as marinated eggs, vegetables & beancurd stick for $2 each).

Recommended dishes at Guilin Cuisine: Guilin marinated beef rice noodle dry mixed (No. 1; aka Guilin Mifen); Nanning good friends rice noodle (No. 7); Guizhou Huaxi beef rice noodle (No. 3); Guilin rice noodle with braised steaky pork (No. 2); Luizhou river snail rice noodle w beef (No. 6); crispy roasted pork meat platter or assorted meat platter; dough stick (No. 53; usually fresh as it’s made on site); rice roll (dried shrimp w spring onion & dough stick; fresh shrimp; bbq pork; chicken; beef; ); cold Hongkong-style milk tea. The chef-owner informed me that, in a few weeks, he will be adding the following dishes worth trying (you can order it today if you call in advance): fried beef with perilla and bamboo shoot (No. 84); Enoki mushroom & beef in sour soup (no. 88); fried pork with chilli (No. 75); fried beef w pickled pepper (No. 84).

My Singaporean Teochew/Chiuchow wife also loves the No. 4 “Guizhou pickled Chinese sauerkraut rice noodle” (which comes with marinated beef) with added crispy meat and marinated egg. If you like the pickled veggie taste, this is an excellent dish.

The initial reviews so far are misleading. This restaurant's noodle dishes are better than the plaza’s more famous Dagu Rice Noodles and Noodle Fans – and I feel Guilin Cuisine would be more appreciated in Richmond Hill or Markham. A few months ago, the original owner renovated his hole-in-the wall Fritter King restaurant (selling typical low-priced Cantonese dishes) and morphed it into the more upscale Guilin Cuisine (initially selling no Cantonese dishes). Long-time customers were unhappy (that yet another HK Cantonese restaurant was replaced with a mainland Chinese restaurant), but the GTA has too few Guangxi people to defend its honour and the Guilin chef-owner focuses on making his food rather than promoting it. There's usually one staff around who can speak English (most staff don't but can get by).

Guilin mifen at Guilin Cuisine

The protein hides the rice noodles underneath

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