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Thoughts on: TV cooking show "sets" and "methods" as well as who "outfits" these TV cooks.


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Thoughts on: TV cooking show "sets" and "methods" as well as who "outfits" these TV cooks.

iL Divo | Jul 22, 2010 08:09 AM

Sitting here watching a show right now, all 3 of these things are making me take notice for some reason.

Although, I don't like this one particular cooking show, nothing else is worth watching while I'm typing out an email to my sister, as back ground noise. The "cook" says to add 1 tablespoon oil to hot pan. She literally put in a 1/4 cup of oil though. This happens on most shows I watch and wonder do they not have time to measure or is it really not important how much "whatever" goes in or do they think we'll not know that [that] was way more than a tablespoon? At least RR says to eyeball it. Mentioned before that the size bowls they often use are way too small and I feel awkward watching someone put in an over abundance of noodles or greens or whatever it is [in a bowl that size] when its' size is obviously and clearly questionable.

The set for this show is probably supposed to be her home where she cooks out of her kitchen. Thing is, to me it looks like a tape running outside the kitchen window with seemingly the same cars going up and down the street all the time. Or they park outside her house or turn left or right, drive really slow. Is this fake or is it real? Are the leaves outside her window real or fake? I'm not naming her because that's not the point, most of this pertains to most shows in one way or another.

This lady is often in similar clothing and it's probably typical of someone's idea of current trendiness. The appearance of her body shape is cute and small however the clothes they put her in don't show that. My question is does she have say so over what they put her in or is that left to the one dressing her? She's a tiny woman but her tops emphasize her mid section as appearing off balance. That said, I am no fashion icon or brilliant in clothing choices either, but these people make a statement with what they wear unless it's a chef's jacket.

My best girlfriend is a make up artist and does their hair often too although isn't a hair dresser. We've talked a lot but not about the clothes worn on shows.

The measuring bothers me as it is usually off, maybe due to time constraints but if people really don't know how to cook, they could think "boy a tablespoon is a lot of oil", or whatever the mis-measurement is. The sets I suppose are subjective, whatever you like or I like someone else might not. Their attire is also, maybe not a big deal.

Is there anyone else in here that notices or am I being way too observant? I'm assuming these shows aren't inexpensive to put on and attention to detail is being over looked.

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