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A few thoughts (and ?s) about anchovies


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A few thoughts (and ?s) about anchovies

Dan Sonenberg | Jun 23, 2003 10:02 PM

I am so happy that MK market (on 30th Ave. betw. 36th and 37th st. in Astoria) is now carrying cans of D'Agostini anchovies (flat filets in olive oil). For my money these are just the best. Far better than any other canned variety I've tried, and if not better, at least as good as the time consuming home-prepared anchovies out of the big salt can (a la Marcella Hazan). But here's a question. Whenever I open a can, I usually use about 3/4 of the contents, (1/2 for a recipe, and 2 or 3 fillets eaten straight out of the can...SO delicious), and don't know what to do with the remainders. It seems any time spent in the fridge out and out ruins them. I've laid them on a fresh plate, covered them with extra virgin, and left them in (and out of) the fridge and they just get discolored and take on the nasty anchovy taste made famous by pizzerias across NYC. It's for this reason that I've always hated jarred anchovies. How do you store them without them deteriorating? What am I doing wrong?

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