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A thought experiment regarding Kentucky Fried Chicken


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A thought experiment regarding Kentucky Fried Chicken

Dylan Yolles | Jan 1, 2002 09:00 PM

I admit that I ate a piece of KFC chicken for lunch today, original recipe. With a side order of mashed potatoes and cole slaw. And I enjoyed it.

Now KFC is not precisely the most chowhound-esque restaurant in the world. But here's a little thought experiment for you (a gedankenexperiment as the old physicists would say): Imagine there were only *ONE* KFC in the world, if it were perhaps an obscure storefront in south central LA run by recent emigres from the south. But imagine that although the decor would clearly be different, the food would be exactly the same. Would some number of chowhounder's not be singing the praises of this unusual, and authentic fried chicken?

My point is that the mere fact that a place like KFC is a massive corporate chain likely colors one's experience of the food. I think KFC chicken is pretty darn good.

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