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thinking about a crockpot...

poochiechow | Nov 3, 201107:58 AM

i'm thinking about adding a crockpot to my Christmas wish list, but i have no experience with one, so i'm a bit overwhelmed with all the features and figuring out what i need and what i don't.

'i mostly cook for 2 people, but i'd like to be able to cook in bulk (probably no more than 6-8 servings, though) - what size is appropriate? the electrical ones are much more expensive than manual - is it worth it to keep the food warm? also, doesn't need to be dishwasher safe, and i doubt i'd use it for potlucks.

also, do i even want one, or is it a waste of counter space? i know some people rave about theirs, but i enjoy the act/process of cooking, and i'm wondering if it's less satisfying to have a machine do it all. i'm not so busy i can't come home and make dinner, and with only two people, it's not like i really need to stockpile food.

thoughts? any help/advice/cautions/recommendations welcome! thanks in advance!

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