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Re-thinking Chowhound Digest - Requesting Feedback

Dave MP | Apr 11, 201210:29 AM

Hi all,

I've been doing some work here thinking about the current format of the Chowhound Digests, since we're thinking about making some changes. In advance of this, I wanted to pose a few general questions to the general Chowhound community.

1) Do you read Chowhound Digests? If not, why not? (i.e. they are not in my city, they don't interest me, I didn't know they existed, etc). If so, how do you read them? (via the email newsletter? subscribe via rss? visit the site daily/weekly?)

2) In your mind, what is the purpose of the Chowhound Digest? In your opinion, to what extent is it meeting its goals? What could change that would make it more useful or better?

3) What aspects of the Chowhound Digest do you like? Why do you read it?

4) What features of the Digest would you change?

Because I have been thinking about this a lot, am a longtime Chowhound user, and have been talking to lots of people about this, I am going to write my own response to these questions - I'll post it below. I think my answers will provide a general sense of the direction we're moving, and I think I have a good grip on what Digest readers are thinking...but perhaps this thread will bring up some new ideas, too.

Thanks in advance,

Dave MP

For those who are not familiar with the Digests, here is a link: http://www.chow.com/digest/ On the right hand side, you can select a specific region/topic for the Digest - it's currently in 4 cities (Boston, NY, LA, SF), plus we have General Topics and Home Cooking Digests

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