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thermometer... making toffee?? Candy makers??

kseiverd | Dec 29, 201403:23 PM     7

Don't make candy that often, but just hadda try one for "heath bar" made at home. Sorta forgot how LONG it took to get to temp (290) and that it could not be rushed. Dug out one of those "stick" type thermometers that clips onto side of pan. Though came within seconds of BURNING (temp didn't get to 290), results were deadly, GOOD!

Made another batch right before Christmas. That batch started separating (liquid butter from lava molten sugar) before it hit 290. It did instantly go rock hard when some was dropped into cold water.

I chalked both batches up to just letting thermometer rest IN pan and not clipped on?

Made yet another batch just a little while ago. Temp rose to about 220-230 and just kinda stalled for quite a while... with thermometer clipped to side of pan. Last 20 degrees or so went pretty quickly. It did separate a bit but not as much as 2nd attempt.

Am I doing something glaringly wrong?

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