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OK, I was perfectly happy with my Taylor version of a Thermapen--it worked well, had the same basic features as the original Thermapen, and frankly I didn't care if it took 5 seconds to register. And it cost considerably less. I had always mildly resented that Thermoworks' Thermapens had become genericized, in much the same was as "Kleenex", "Xerox', 'dumpster', etc.

And then my Taylor died.

So, having dealt with the technical people at Thermoworks on a professional level, I decided the replacement would be a Thermapen. And given my batterie of other temperature measurement tools, *and* some favorable pre-Holiday discounts, I chose the new Thermapen One.

The "One" part relates to the unit's 1-second reportage. I found this high speed underwhelming--at first. Yes, 1 second is obviously faster than the 2-3 seconds with earlier versions. But then I learned that the speed (and the tippy-tip-tip placement of the micro thermocouple) allows multiple readings to be taken during the same immersion. This is done by simply moving the tip location within the "hole", or by stirring, and readings are effectively made with no lag. Now THIS is useful. The downside of course is that you need to be closely attuned to where--precisely--the tip is, and you need to stay focused on the reading at the desired point. I can envision some cooks who might be frustrated by the ever-changing readings as the tip moves.

The measurement range of the One is -58 to +572F (-49.9C to +299C). But its *accuracy* was the big selling point for me: within half a degree F at <248F, and under 2F at higher temperatures. Practically speaking, prior and competitors' models are "off" by about 3-5F. This accuracy makes the unit useful for experiments an checking things like sous vide and poaching baths. And that great accuracy is hand calibrated and certificated.

I have had for some time a Thermapen Contact and disliked using it for several reasons. My biggest gripe was that the display was usually upside down or covered by my hand. The One's display is still in the same general location, but its display changes over 360 degrees, depending on how the case is oriented.

The One is powered by a single 1.5v AAA battery which I initially thought might mean repowering it frequently. However, battery life is rated to 2,000 hours of non-backlit use. The backlight itself is intelligent, insofar as a light sensor automatically turns on the backlight only in low light. Thermoworks cleverly placed this sensor where it can easily be covered with a fingertip, which has the convenient effect of turning on the backlight whenever you want.

This model is IP67 water resistant. This is a great feature, as is the "Biomaster" anti-microbial treatment. Biomaster is a silver-based additive to the plastic case material which prevents bacteria from growing or replicating.

The One is also programmable, using buttons inside the battery compartment. The functions that can be reprogrammed include F/C units, integer/tenths display, screen rotation and auto-off/sleep adjustments.

One great thing about Thermoworks is their 5-year comprehensive warranty. Another are the informative and detailed package inserts on operation, maintenance and food safety. Still another is their technical support--these people eat, breathe and... immerse themselves in everything they do.

Now on sale for $84, which is not much more than the older versions still being offered. Ten colors. And The One is a better penetration thermometer than the more expensive $139 Thermapen model that comes with an IR function included.

Thermapensup/sup ONE

Specializing in cool, unique and professional temperature tools. Super-Fast thermocouples, thermistors, infrared thermometers, data logging and more.

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