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Thanksgiving stories wanted-Chowhound related of course


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Thanksgiving stories wanted-Chowhound related of course

Phaedrus | Nov 24, 2005 06:23 PM

I did this last year and a lot of really cool stories and recipes came out of it so I thought I'd give this another shot.

What did you have for Thanksgiving that was unique and different? What kind of gathering did you have that was unique or different?

For example: When I was a graduate student in Atlanta, one of the guys and his ife got the married student housing lounge and arranged a pot luck dinner. He and his wife cooked the turkey and dressing, others brought the mashed potatoes, yams, and pies. The Korean students brought Bulgokee and kimchee. The mexican students brought enchiladas. The chinese students brought chinese sausages and sticky rice with chicken. The Icelandic students brought their version of anise liquor called Black Death and mulled cider. The french students brought tarte tatin.

It was great, we had a grand old time. We had to explain the concept of Thanksgiving to the foreign students but what was amazing was that their kids, who were in grade school did a fantastic job of explaining things to their parents too.

On NPR they interviewed an American diplomat who said that when he was stationed in Algiers, his host had ordered a turkey and had it delivered the day of the feast. It arrived on time, and alive. Luckily the host's wife is Korean and had butchered chicken before so she had the bird butchered and plucked and cooked by 5 that evening.

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