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Thai banana candy


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Thai banana candy

Jeremy Osner | May 9, 2002 08:48 AM

Waiting for my takeout order at the local Thai restaurant last night, I noticed some packaged food for sale on one of the tables. Sylvia was a little restless so I bought some sweet rice crackers for her (forget the Thai name of the product, I will check when I get home), and thought I would get some "Sticky Banana Candies" for myself. The crackers were a big hit with everyone but I'm still not sure about the candies. The first one was a wash -- I tried to unwrap it one-handed whilst pushing the stroller -- it turns out the stickiness of the candy is stronger than the brittle cellophane in which the candy is wrapped -- and once the cellophane breaks it is impossible to get off. I was only able to eat little nibbles of the candy around the glued-on cellophane and they seemed flavorless and troublesome. Later that night I was more careful and managed to get the cellophane off in one piece; the candy eaten whole is pleasant, sort of like banana-flavored gummi; the flavor is quite subtle and there is only a faint sweetness to it. I will need to try it a few more times before I decide whether I really like it.

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