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Tgiving air travel-what to bring to noncooking hosts?

powella | Oct 31, 200908:16 AM

Hi, 'hounds-

Here's the challenge: I'm traveling on Thanksgiving Day (yes, I know this is ill-advised but the plan is set in stone) to visit in-laws who may be zombies...I love them but I'm not sure they actually eat. They definitely do NOT cook at all. I'm usually so hungry at their house that by the time I get something to eat I'm so focused on my food I forget to watch their eating habits. I'm pretty sure my MIL just spoons up the same morsel of food and just pretends to put it in her mouth.


I'd like to bring something to them to contribute to the Chinese takeout that I'm pretty sure we'll be served for Thanksgiving dinner, but the question is, what? I am mostly concerned about getting it through security and to our destination (Boston-DC flight, pretty short) safely.
The last time I tried to bring food on an airplane at Thanksgiving (1986) I had guacamole dripping from the overhead bins. I was possessed by the idea of bringing proper Mexican food back to my college roomates. But I digress..............

Suggestions? Pie? Other traditional Thanksgiving fare that travels well? The non-zombies I'm hoping to feed/please are generally non-picky eaters, so all suggestions are welcome. My brain gets frozen when I try to think about it.


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