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Tequila in Ceramic -- Problematic?


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Tequila in Ceramic -- Problematic?

davis_sq_pro | Jan 4, 2018 03:24 PM

I was recently gifted a bottle of Grand Mayan tequila. Googling around a bit for info on it, I discovered the following blog post:

"Grand Mayan is one of the most intricate and beautifully crafted bottles out there on the market. With that comes a few flaws: A fragle cork, ceramic tainting the tequila if stored long term and often a poor cork seal. After a few tries, I managed to find a bottle without any tainted qualities to try this 5 year juice."

The implication here seems to be that this is a common enough situation and that the blogger could tell it happened apparently just by looking at the bottle. But when I searched for information on how ceramic can "taint" the spirit, how long it takes, how to tell it's happened, etc., I found nothing at all.

Anyone know if this is a real concern? I would appreciate any information/links/etc. I certainly don't want to drink "tainted" booze... But at least for the moment my sample tastes and smells perfectly fine. (Quite nice actually!)

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