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Done Temps - Good Ideal?


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Done Temps - Good Ideal?

T.Davis | Apr 15, 2003 03:32 PM

Try as I might I have yet to make up a list that has different food groups and the cooking temp times. I do ok on individual recipes but invariably wind up researching for a lot of items I am making while I am making it. My thought is that I should reach out to chowhounds and get everyones input and then compile a list which I would develop in food group summary form and make it available for download. If you think this is worthwhile then just start posting and I will begin to collect. If you are posting temp times for steak, then list the type of steak, aka ribeye, or strip, the temps for doneness, a description of how it looks, aka a little pink etc. If you like your steak medium post that but also if you have the info for rare or well done post those also for the chowhounds who like their steak served differently. I think also there should be a catagory for bread. I tend to bake most breads till about 190 but I think there are others that should go to say 200... etc. Some items like say meatloaf... only have one temp and as I remember it should be around 160. There should also be a misc catagory like thickened custard sauce... cook till a wooden spoon dipped in the sauce and a line drawn across the stick holds its line... etc. Also include say for asparagus, steaming times, boiling times roasting times etc. Might be interesting to see the different ways we prepare things. Open to other suggestions to enhance this thought.

If this is not a good ideal then just bypass this post. Otherwise give me all the input you have and I will get busy. In any case, happy cooking.

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