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They're telling me what to like and how to like it!?

Gastronomos | Mar 10, 201408:27 AM

I am a fan of the TV shows of America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country by America's Test Kitchen. I don't like everything they do. They try a bit too hard sometimes. They also try to make something of what was and still is nothing.

But, when they tell me what I'm supposed to like and how to like it...
When they tell me what is 'perfect' and it's the opposite of what I would call perfect...

Well, I jump on Chowhound.com and tell you all about it.

This link: https://www.americastestkitchen.com/r...

describes what I would throw in the garbage and start over again.

that crunchy crispy burnt egg would be a laughing disaster in my home. if anyone tried to serve that in our kitchen it would go untouched. my MiL makes them somewhat like that and my kids and I won't touch them.

Perfect would be defined differently, and certainly not with a crunchy crispy tough egg white. no. that is definitely NOT perfect!

Thanks for letting me rant about this abomination of a trend that should be outlawed!

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