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Tasty Substitute for Osso Bucco in Stock Recipe?


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Tasty Substitute for Osso Bucco in Stock Recipe?

animatrixie | Dec 4, 2013 02:34 PM

I'm getting ready to gather my ingredients for a bistro style Japanese curry recipe, and noticed it uses 2 kilos of osso bucco. The more I thought about it, the more I got the feeling that this seemed pretty pricy (it is where I live, at least) for beef that was meant strictly to make the stock! Would you recommend an alternative cut of beef that might be similar…maybe even more tasty for it?

Chicken bones, carrot, onion, and several curry spices are also required for a 6 hour simmer that should reduce it from 6 liters to 3.

For the body of the recipe, 2.5 kilos of round roast stewing beef is required later on. Would using the osso bucco lend any special flavor to the stock that would make it worth spending the money on?

Just wondering if it's going to be that damaging if I substitute a more easily available cut of beef for the stock. Just as a note - I did try substituting ox tail one year when I first attempted this recipe and it left the whole thing with a strange flavor I didn't really like. I'd love some advice from you expert beef stewers out there! :)

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