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Mr Taster just returned from Vietnam... with REAL cinnamon!


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Mr Taster just returned from Vietnam... with REAL cinnamon!

Mr Taster | Sep 30, 2006 08:14 PM

Hi 'hounds!

It's Mr Taster, back after long hiatus to chow regions eastbound, struggling with this bizarre new interface for Chowhound.

Here's the scoop... one of the few things I returned home with from Asia was a stick of *real* cinnamon (and by real I mean not the tiny cinnamon sticks you get at Starbucks, who also gets their coffee (for micro-cents) from the hill tribe villagers in Vietnam and this fact is proclaimed proudly in all their storefronts there!... but I' talking about a real stick, about a foot long, the bark shaved off the trunk of a cinnamon tree. I do have a photo with me buying said cinnamon log on my horribly outdated travel blog at:


(The main webpage for my travels is www.travelpod.com/members/adamandeva )

So now that I've got the thing, what do I do with it? This thing literally is the bark of a tree, so I don't know whether to wash it or grind it (but when I grind it with a rasp, it tends to chip off into pieces too big for cinnamonn-y applications. But oh dear is the aroma heavenly....

Lastly, how do I preserve it? I was very careful of selecting my cinnamon log at the market, as there were plenty of ugly grey sticks with no aroma. Mine was a beautiful, fragrant bright orange. So how do I keep it that way for as long as possible?


Mr Taster
(now with no . after the Mr, due to Chowhound technical restrictions)

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