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What tasks do you excel at in the kitchen?

ttoommyy | Mar 30, 201206:34 AM

I'm not talking about a specific recipe. I'm talking about tasks.

I consider myself a very good cook and baker, but I excel at food prep and cleanup. I believe this is because I worked in fast food for a couple of years as my first job at 16 and then went on to waiting tables for many years. When prepping for a recipe, I chop, dice, measure, mix, etc. everything (very neatly I might add) and have it all ready. I've done this for years; way before I ever heard of the phrase "mise en place." Then, I clean as I go. This part is ABSOLUTELY attributable to my days in fast food and waiting tables. By the time I am done cooking, almost everything has been either washed and put away or rinsed and in the dishwasher. All I have to clean after dinner is a stray pot or pan and the dinner dishes.

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