Tasco's a horror show

TheOC8 | Dec 17, 201103:07 PM

I wish I read the earlier review on Chowhound before buying my stove from Tasco...

I wouldn't recommend Tasco to my worst enemy. My experience with this company is hands down the very worst customer service nightmare I have ever had. I purchased a new stove January 2010 everything was fine until this past August when the oven part of the stove broke down.

I called Tasco's customer disservice department who told me a technician would call within 24 hours to schedule an appointment to see what was wrong.

When that didn't happen I called Tasco who gave me a work order number and the name of the technician assigned to the file.

When the technician finally got around to calling me back he told me he wouldn't be able to stop by until Sept 6th - a full week after I had first placed the call.

When the technician came by he told me a valve needed to be replaced and that he had to order the part from California which would take about one week and a half for the part to arrive.

The technician came by again after the part arrived only to discover that he had ordered the wrong part.

He then told me that he had to reorder the part and that it would take another one and a half weeks to order the part. When I asked him if the repairs would be made in time for Thanksgiving he gave a nonchalant reply that he could make no guarantees and that he would let me know when the part arrived.

I heard nothing from the technician or Tasco over the next two weeks about whether the part had arrived or not. The very least they could have done was give me a call to let me know the status of our order. Because of these considerable delays I had to make alternate arrangements and did not have use of my new oven over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Imagine not having full use of your stove for your Thanksgiving dinner!

On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving I called the technician again to find out what was happening with the oven part. He didn't bother calling back. I then called Tasco's customer disservice department to get some answers about what was happening.

The customer disservice representative told me the technician ordered the part nine days after discovering he had ordered the wrong part. And the worst part of it all - the customer disservice rep made no offer of an apology.

The customer disservice rep said the part should now arrive mid-October and that she would call me back when it was available. It's also hard to believe how after all of these delays that Tasco would not put a priority on this order and have the part shipped overnight.

Once again, neither the technician nor the customer service rep called to let me know when the part arrived. My patience wearing thin, I called a week later to find out what was happening. Once again, no apology from Tasco for yet another delay and a total lack of care and concern for the customer.

Fast forward another three weeks and more bungling by both the Tasco's customer disservice department and its technician, and the job was finally done. From end to end, it took a total of 2.5 months get my oven repaired. This after I even paid for the extended warranty. No apology or attempt at compensation was ever made by Tasco.

I've owned a lot of stoves and appliances over the years and when faced with similar repair situations with appliances purchased at Sears or The Bay I have always received exemplary service and attention both with their customer service department and their technicians. Their repairs never took more than two weeks and they were always focused on making sure my needs as a customer were taken care of.

Sure Tasco does stock some quality products, but should anything happen to your purchase you’re totally left in the cold. Once Tasco has your money you’re essentially kicked to the curb. And let's face it, everyone knows that even with top of the line appliances, parts do need to be changed over time. So please do yourself a favour, save yourself a lot of time, trouble and stress and DO NOT SHOP AT TASCO.

As a paying customer you definitely deserve better.

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