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Tanjia(?) cai Redux

jill | Apr 19, 2003 03:24 AM

I went to the Beijing Hotel today, and proceeded to the 7th floor to the Tanjia Resturant. They didn't have a menu I would take, so I looked through the fancy,schmancy one they give to patrons. all the dishes listed in the thread below were listed and expertly pointed out by the hostess.

Some that I think were not mentioned that I remember from the extensive menue were

Fish lips in jar..this one was a clear broth served in a "jar" nested inside another jar.

Soups of all sorts...

Also, the very famous appetizer trays which include sweet and savory tidbits, including chestnut paste with cherries (yummm)all beautifully arranged acording to color, texture, yin/yang surrounding an incredible centerpiece carved carrot.

The vegetable dishes seemed to mostly braised, but the ingredients were beautifully plated, and pleasing to the eye.

the little flier says Tan Zong-jun, a high officer created the cuisine in the late Qing Dynasty.

The menu also included pictures of Chairman Mao and Richard Nixon sitting at a table surrounded by a mountain of food!

I was hoping for more....sorry. BTW...the prices were astronomical for Beijing!

peace, jill

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