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Larry | Oct 8, 2001 12:21 AM

I wonder if I'm doomed to disappointment, or am I just spoiled? I was DYING to go to Tangierino, the menu sounded wonderful...I stupidly ended up there on a Sat night, which was NOT smart, but there you have it.
I sat at the bar for approximately 20 minutes before the bartender would even acknowledge me and ask me if she could help me. It was laughable, since there were a total of eight people at the bar. It was actually surreal -- she would busy herself with all kinds of things and just pretend we weren't there...Finally, she took our drink orders, and we decided to just eat at the bar as well, as there was still a wait for a table. We then proceeded to wait 50 minutes for food -- FIFTY -- and not a single offer for another drink order. It took another twenty minutes to ger her to give me some water. I ordered a lamb tagine dish, which (as the menu stated) was served with couscous. But there was no couscous when the dish arrived. I flagged down a waiter and inquired if I was mistaken about the couscous coming with the lamb, and he said that I was -- it doesn't come with it. This after he first had to check with someone. I went to the hostess stand and asked to see a menu again, where it CLEARLY states that the dish is accompanied by couscous. So I told the hostess that I would really love to get some, now that I've had the dish for another twenty minutes. Not to mention that I ordered pomme frites, and they never came either. I finally got my couscous, and my pomme frites, both after I finished my entree. The pomme frites were $5 and were simply frozen short fries served on a side dish and sprinkled with some parsley. My companion had 7 veg couscous -- which was a small round of couscous drowned in butter and cinammon, with a handful of basic vegetables arranged atop. It was nothing special. My lamb, to the chef's credit, was fabulous. But the experience and the horrendous service, the incredible wait, and the inability to serve food as described (and my need to fight for it) truly ruined it for me. I would not go back, and I think I can get lamb just as good, if not better, at quite a few other service-oriented places in town. Sorry.

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