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Where are we talking about? Posts for mindreaders...


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Where are we talking about? Posts for mindreaders...

Scargod | Dec 24, 2008 05:57 AM

From Chowhound Posting Etiquette: "When you post a query, you'll get better answers by being as specific as possible. "Coming from out of town, where should we eat?" is too broad to draw many helpful responses." ...... "If you're posting on a statewide or regional board, please remember to include the city you're interested in - preferably somewhere in the title of your post."

Here, and on many, many, forums, they ask you be informative in your posts title... So I'm on my soapbox after another cliquish post that takes Googling and sleuthing to decypher. I use "clique" because it seems like some don't care whether outsiders "get it" or not. They (seemingly), aren't interested in sharing or don't want any more tourists?
Sure, I could just skip over them and go on to other posts, but no, I'm a Chowhound, and I like sniffing around and I don't want to miss anything good, especially if it's potentially in my stomping grounds. Some, may move on if they have to exercise too many brain cells trying to figure out where the OP, and contributors, are talking about.

Saying "Skipp's Tavern" may be self-explanatory to people in Pro (Providence, Rhode Island, for those not in the know), but requires sleuthing unless someone spills the beans. Did you know there's a Providence in six of seven New England states?
Here, in "The Valley" is not helpful to people NOT here in the valley, and where does "The Valley" begin and end, unless you have studied the history of the area?
So, for me, a transplant, an outsider, a foreigner, I am confounded by quite a few New England posts. I don't mean to single out New England, but that's where I live now.
It would really be helpful, if in the first sentence or two, that the author or OP state the city, town, or area, AND State, where the restaurant, or whatever, is located.
Please don't point out that I have violated the precept. I probably have...

How do you feel? It is just someone's tough luck if they can't figure it out? Nowadays, is doing research and relying on Google a given? Any aggregious examples of obfuscation or downright snootiness/cliquishness in posts?

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