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Can we talk about Wawa?


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Can we talk about Wawa?

cgarner | Dec 22, 2010 09:34 AM

Maybe I’m getting old… “I remember the good old days….” When Wawa had a good hoagie. I hadn’t had a Wawa hoagie in over a year, and today with precious little time at lunch and no cash in my pocket (I’m horrible like that I never carry cash) I ran over to the Wawa on Henderson Road in King of Prussia for a hoagie and a free ATM withdraw

This is one of the remaining “little Wawas” that haven’t been demolished. I drive past it to and from work and at lunch and it’s packed every morning and any time I drive by at lunch…

I got my old favorite… an Italian, touch ordering for provolone cheese, little bit of oil, lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers and oregano… cuz that’s how I roll…

What I got was not very good… let’s start with the roll… it looked like what you see at the bottom of the bin by the Deli counter at Genuardi’s on a Sunday late afternoon when all the rolls are already picked over, squished and semi-stale.
The lunchmeats just aren’t the same as they used to be either! Overall, the hoagies are just lack luster… and what’s all this ‘other’ stuff they’re serving? Turkey bowls, “Prime rib bowls”??
Am I the only one who is not happy with what has happened to the quality of the limited items that Wawa used to make, in favor of their attempting to be a jack of all trades? (Mastering none!)

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