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We need a way to talk about Local topics beyond just restaurant reviews and "where do I find...?"s

GDSwamp | Jan 25, 200809:58 AM

My post about the recent 50 Best Restaurants issue of Philadelphia Magazine disappeared in 30 seconds, whisked off to the Food Media and News board, where it will get 1 or 2 responses, max, because 99% of the folks who happen to look at that Board don't live in Philadelphia and could care less (actually, there's already a post about the issue, from a day ago - 2 replies).

This doesn't make sense. There's more to talking about the local food scene than just saying "I like this place," "I hate that place," and "Where can I get a good slice of pizza?" Conversations about local food writing, for example, are totally appropriate for the regional board and make very little sense on the national food media board (which, on the other hand, is the perfect place to talk about non-place-specific things like Top Chef).

I don't understand why the moderators can't be just a little more creative in how they define the parameters of discussion for the local boards, so as to allow conversations that might be of interest to locals and that get killed off by the current rules. In the old days, if you posted a topic that was relevant to your local board but not strictly about eating food with your mouth, the mods would leave the heading up and post a re-route to the Not About Food board (or whatever), which worked fine - kept the activity off the food board but allowed the target audience to find the topic. If it's really a problem to have these conversations on the local boards, why not do something like that?

But, more basically - I don't get why it's so hard to slightly expand the variety of acceptable topics on the local board. The Pennsylvania Board can get pretty dull, since we re-cover the same three topics (where's the best burger? where's the best cheesesteak? where's the best pork sandwich?) every few days. What's the harm, exactly, in letting people talk about, just hypothetically, Philadelphia Magazine's 50 Best Restaurants issue?

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