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noggy | Dec 15, 201103:21 PM

I'm looking for a potroast-type recipe that an old German friend cooked for me and my husband many years ago. From searching online it seems similar to Tafelspitz (boiled beef with an apple-horseradish sauce, which I guess is actually an Austrian dish). But instead of cooking and serving the sauce on the side, I seem to remember that he made the sauce from the cooking liquid, right in the pot. He removed the beef when it was mostly done, made the sauce and then returned the beef to the pot to simmer in the sauce for a little while. I don't recall there being any apple in it (although there may have been), just lots of horseradish. It was really delicious with the meat and there was a LOT of it which was great for slathering on mashed potatoes also. So it was more like a gravy. I don't remember if he used any milk or cream but I do remember some cornstarch going in to thicken it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.

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