Systems for tracking bottles in multiple cellars?


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Systems for tracking bottles in multiple cellars?

Robert Lauriston | Jul 9, 2010 07:48 AM

I'm opening a restaurant and handling the wine list myself. I could use tips on setting up a reliable system for managing the inventory.

I'm particularly concerned about losing track of bottles. Six months down the road our Aloha point of sale system might tell me that I should have three bottles of 2004 Prunotto Costamiole Barbera left, but will I know where they are?

Due to storage limitations I'll be stashing wine in various places: two temperature-controlled "cellar" units, unopened cases in a cool closet and maybe the walk-in, if I'm short of space maybe my home cellar, plus I'll have some prepaid cases on hold at distributors, e.g. I buy ten cases to get the best price but take delivery of only five.

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