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How to switch the fam from fat to fit?


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How to switch the fam from fat to fit?

Kevin | May 21, 2003 04:06 PM

As the primary cook, I comtinually get requests for fatty, salty, and generally unhealthy foods. While these meals taste good, I sometimes get pangs of guilt for being an enabler. There's no immediate medical issues at hand, but I want to ward any off as long as possible. Does anyone have advice on how to move from these types of dishes to healthier ones (and make it stick)?

Do you secretly make healthy food and not tell? Suggest and make healthier alternatives? Use lots of low-fat subsitutes? Slowly incorporate healthy food? Don't bring it into the house? Any specific recipe sites or magazines?

I'm not above lying, sneaking, tricking, or backstabbing... I'm dealing with a very stubborn person who's relatively picky and willing to buy an unhealthy dinner instead of eating my healthier homecooked one...

Lastly, I'm very well-informed about diets, food labels, balanced meals, etc., so I do know what's good/bad for you.

Thanks in advance.

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