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"sweet" or "sour" -- which kind of chowhound are you?


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"sweet" or "sour" -- which kind of chowhound are you?

alkapal | Mar 8, 2009 11:40 PM

i like hot, vinegary dishes -- or just plain vinegary or "sour" from acidity, like lemon or lime.

frank's red hot sauce or sriracha on eggs, potatoes, in clam chowder, etc....

texas pete's pepper vinegar on greens, or cuban black bean soup, or just big limas with ham and cornbread.

love, love, love thai green papaya salad, som tum, with its salty, sweet, sour & hot kick. drink the leftover dressing -- without shame!

load up my pad kee mao noodles with the chilies in vinegar, and that awesome red chili in vinegar paste.

love pickles of every stripe, including pickled vegetables like hot pickled okra. love pickled banana peppers on my pizza, picalilli on beans, sandwiches, giardiniera on pizza, or just to snack. branston pickle on a ploughman's lunch platter. dill pickle sandwich!

just had sour pickle with the "garlic sirloin" at the texas de brazil restaurant (delicious meal in all respects, btw). what a great combination: savory, juicy, garlicky beef and sour pickle!

want a squeeze of lemon on seafood, tandoori dishes, smoked salmon....

have a ton of different mustards.

love pickled capers, green olives stuffed with pimento, artichokes....

indian chutneys and sri lankan sambols.

thai, chinese & vietnamese hot & sour soups and salads. (want to explore korean food!).

sauerkraut and porcupine meatballs , or with charcuterie. (love smoked meat & seafood, too. related, you think?). speaking of smoked AND sour, i am crazy for eastern carolina-style Q.

ceviche. gosh, i love ceviche.

pico de gallo. fresh salsa. pickled jalapeños.

key lime pie! fresh lemonade -- or, even better -- fresh limeade.

i could go on, but you get the picture.

i'd rather have an appetizer in the realm of the sour/hot versus a dessert. don't get me wrong, i like desserts, but not too sweet.

so, overall, i'm a "sour" person. (my mom might heartily second that... or mr. alka! ha!).
(i *can* be sweet, though ;-).

how about you? are you a "sweet" or "sour" chowhound? and when did you discover this clear-cut preference?

ps, my next sister is like me, my older sister is a "sweet." my mom is a "sweet." mr. alka is a "sweet." i'm wondering if "sweets" outnumber "sours"?

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