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valerie | May 25, 2003 12:06 AM

I've been meaning to write this report on Svenningsen's for a while, and since I've seen it recommended twice recently, I just had to get this off of my chest.

Although I read mixed reviews on this board, my husband and I went there about 3 weeks ago. We were thoroughly disappointed.

First of all, the bread was stale. Bad sign.

He ordered the fried clams as an appetizer and I ordered a portobello mushroom stuffed with crabmeat. Both were totally bland. The fried clams were like chewing on rubber bands. They were were fresh out of the fryer and very hot, but had no taste whatsoever.

For entrees, I ordered the baked stuffed halibut (stuffed with crabmeat). After I ordered, I thought that it was kind of stupid that I ordered both an appetizer and entree with crabmeat. It didn't matter--they both tasted like nothing. My husband ordered a special of baked scrod. To quote him, "I might as well be eating paper".

The waitress (named Kristen) was very nice and she really tried very hard. But she did say something sort of weird. My husband went to the restroom after the appetizers were cleared away. While he was away from the table, the waitress brought out our entrees. She said to me "do you think he'll be in the bathroom for very long?" I'm not sure why, but that irritated me. I felt like saying, "well he didn't take a newspaper with him so I imagine not".

I used to do a lot of business travel in Buffalo, and this place reminded me of the restaurants there. There were always things on the menu that sounded good, but nothing ever tasted good. I mean, nothing was *bad*, it just all tasted like nothing.

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