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When you say "sushi" what are you referring to?


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When you say "sushi" what are you referring to?

ipse dixit | May 18, 2006 03:47 PM

There is this seemingly on-going debate/discussion on the LA board re: what restaurant has the "best sushi".

Regardless of what place that might be, I'm just curious what people in general mean when they say "sushi".

Because what you mean by "sushi" will go a long way in figuring out what place you consider to be best.

Is it sashimi only?

Is it sashimi and some type of roll (e.g. cucumber roll)?

Is it sashimi and cooked items (incl. rolls, tempura, donburi, gyoza, katsu etc.)?

Is it sashimi and only some, selected cooked items (e.g. rolls or tempura)?

Is it only cooked items (e.g. rolls)?

Something else entirely?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe sushi technically means vinegared rice rolled with either vegetables or fish, wrapped in nori, sliced into rounds and then served.

But I'm not sure that's how everyone uses the term.


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