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Sushi Azabu - new great sushi in Tribeca

Lau | Aug 6, 200808:21 AM     50

Ate here last night with a buddy. Its on Greenwich bet Laight and Vestry. It's in the basement of Greenwich Grill. It's a sort of dark japanese decorated sushi bar with light wood walls. There are two sushi chefs and the place was very quiet although all the tables were full (we were the only ones at the sushi bar). The sushi chef was very nice and helpful explaining all of the sushi / dishes. Surprisingly, I stumbled upon this place totally randomly and I'd never heard of it, they've done a pretty bad job of getting their name out there. That said, this is def one of the top sushi restaurants in the city...kind of reminds we of the first time eating at 15 East and being very pleasantly surprised.

We ordered the $55 Sushi Azabu Omakase, which consisted of:
- starter: crab tofu; i don't know how to describe this b/c i'd never had it before, the sushi chef explained it as sort of a crab tofu, but it wasn't the tofu you'd normally think of, its much lighter and clear in color (not white) w/ pieces of crab in it, in a sort of very light sauce. It's very refreshing and I thought it was excellent
- 4 pieces of sashmi: 2 pieces of maguro (tuna) and 2 pieces of red snapper; both were excellent quality
- 7 pieces of nigiri: not going to go through every piece, but all of the fish was excellent quality (among the best in the city) and rice was very good (prob some of the better rice i've had in NY ex-yasuda who has my favorite rice)
- yakimono - grilled red snapper neck; this was excellent, the fish was melt in your mouth tender and was seasoned with just a bit of salt...very good
- sunomono - i'm totally blanking what this is called, but its this sort of slimy seaweed in a vinagrette sauce; i've always thought the texture is a bit weird, but this version was very good
- makimono - just a maki with pickles in it (im forgetting which ones), it was good, but didn't blow me away
- crab miso soup: miso soup with crab, this was good although my favorite crab miso soup is still at Nippon in midtown

Overall, I think it was a good value (for sushi, expensive on an absolute basis) and the quality is really top notch, i think this ranks up with the top places (and is better than places like ushi, which are my 2nd tier top sushi places) and people need to go to this place. Plus, its easy as hell to get a reservations (unlike any other top sushi place)

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