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Supertaster skepticism: is the any real scientific evidence that Supertasters actually exist?

echoclerk | Feb 19, 201210:08 AM

I've been running across a few references to so-called 'Supertasters' and most of it just comes across as Pseudo-Science gibberish.

Are supertasters really just picky eaters looking for an excuse to refuse to eat their vegetables?

Are there peer-reviewed journal articles that support this assertion?

I just find it all a bit hard to swallow.

There are a lot of references to the number of papillae on the tongue:


and this quote:

Professor Bartoshuk said: "Super-tasters perceive all tastes as more intense than do tasters and non-tasters."

But this just doesn't gel to me with the way the brian is known to work in other respects. For exampel the brain is very very good at 'normalising' the light data received from the eye under different conditions - so that we see much the same way.

I just don't see how the brain would not re-normalise for taste in much the same way.

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