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Superstore Korean deliís & bakeries: What cities? What to eat?


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Superstore Korean deliís & bakeries: What cities? What to eat?

Krys Stanley | Jan 22, 2005 03:46 PM

Message Subject: Superstore Korean deliís & bakeries ñ What cities? What to eat?
Time/Date: 15:14:13 1/22/05

Bear with me Chowhound Team. If anyone is as fascinated as I am about this, it should result in spin offs on the correct board.

I never knew there were huge Korean supermarkets like Safeway, but more important in those stores are delis, bakeries and hot foods.

Instead of your Safeway Ceasar salad , rotisserie chicken or potato salad those clear plastic containers have shrimp , chicken, beef dishes, as well as the more exotic, to me, food. I had a pretty butter cream filled jelly roll that moved to the top of my bakery list. There are also those Danish like sweet rolls. Iím thinking the hot long beans with shrimp the next time I go there.

It wasnít just a tiny deli either; it was a whole wall of fascinating foods.

So first of all what areas of the country have this type of Korean Supermarket? I am enough of a food geek to make a special trip to one of these markets if I find myself in one of those cities. Iím from San Francisco.

I would strongly suggest anyone who does not live in an area with these huge Korean super markets, to take a peek in next time you visit one of the cities mentioned in this link (I hope there is some mention).. Hop in that budget rent a car and bring back something different to eat in your Best Western motel room. You are a Chowhound, right?

If there are supermarkets with deli, do the mom and pop Korean corner store have some too, with a limited selection?

How do Korean bakeries items differ from Chinese. They looked pretty similar to me with the exception of those sweet rolls. The breads looked like the breads Iíve seen in Taiwanese bakeries.

What are the good things I should look for that are standards across all areas? What are condiments? There were whole garlic cloves in a red sauce. I canít imagine you eat those on your own? I have to tell you, I was overwhelmed by the selection and only grabbed a few bakery items. Alas, I didnít write down names. Next to the deli section there were four big wooden bins of fresh looking fish balls. Are these used for like soups or can you munch on these as is?

I wouldnít mind some suggestions on what are in the cold drinks section. I have no clue; I have no clue about Korean beverages.

What about some of the more exotic dishes? There were octopus based dishes. There was this St. Patricks Day Green dyed looking container that said ascidian. I really didnít find anthing on the web.

What made the market so access able to me was that food was marked in both Korean and English. It looked good and fresh and delicious and for the most part not exotic or if it was sitting on the shelf too long.

So If nothing else, could you list some cities and the market names. When I am in those places Iíll do a post that references them the next time I visit. Of course, it would be fun if you think this is interesting, to post about it in your city of choice and maybe share what you know there. I could just save the links for future visits.

I would be interested in the standards. There must be the equivalents of the deli items that are sold in every Korean deli like the potato salad or rotisserie chicken in Safeway. Although Iíll probably never get there, I would find it fascinating if anyone on the International Board posted about the markets there. I DID have a six hour layover in Seoul once.

And, uh, if this topic has been discussed recently or there was a local discussion on Korean Super Markets Iíd appreciate direction to those links.

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