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Sumner Grille & Kathryn's

estone888 | Aug 18, 2013 09:47 AM

My "Move to Mississippi" post seems to be getting overly long, so maybe I'll go back to individual posts.

I drove out yesterday to take a look at, and have a light lunch at, the new Sumner Grille. Sumner is one of the prettiest towns in the Delta if you ask me. The square is particularly nice and that's where the Grille is located. They've done an excellent job of building a comfortable, pretty restaurant that suits the environment about perfectly. I hope they get enough business to make a go of it. That remains to be seen as I doubt enough people live in Sumner itself to make up an economically viable customer base.

All I had was a spinach and grilled chicken salad, but it was excellent and a good size - not too big, not too small. A good mix of spinach and darker greens lettuce and other vegetables, with chunks of moist, lightly flavored chicken. I forgot to specify what sort of dressing I wanted and it came with a side dish of a thick, blue cheesy dressing that was very good - though I was more in the mood for something lighter. I'm not sure what sort of tea they use in their ice tea, but I liked it. It didn't taste like it was flavored with anything, but it didn't taste like most of what you get around these parts, either.

I looked at a dinner menu and it has a good variety of tasty sounding dishes on it. I'm looking forward to going back with more people so we can spear things off of each others plates and really give the place the try it deserves.

Dinner was at Kathryn's at Moon Lake. I've been there a couple of times before and I love the atmosphere and the people and the food is generally also quite good. We shared a plate of fried pickles and they were among the best I've had - nice sour dills, crunchy with a perfect fried crust. There wasn't quite enough ranch dressing to go around, though. I enjoy the Kathryn's salad but I do find it tends to be overly salty and I would prefer a salad with a mix of lettuces to one of only iceberg lettuce. (That said, last night I had it without the blue cheese and iceberg lettuce and blue cheese do tend to go well together.) The crawfish etouffee was excellent - a perfect dark red roux, plenty of crawfish, a nice spice to it (though me being something of a spicy food junkie, I had to splash in some Louisiana hot sauce), and enough to leave me happily full without being stuffed to the point of wanting a handtruck to get me out of the place. For dessert one of my companions suggested I try a "Kentucky Alexander" and I am very happy that I did. Though I think I'd like it even better if it was made with a strong coffee ice cream rather than vanilla.

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