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Sugar free options

Neta | Apr 19, 2011 09:19 PM

Are there any other people out there that wish places such as theaters, restaurants etc would offer more selections for people with sugar restrictions in their diets? I do not care especially for diet coke or diet pepsi and sometimes need to avoid the caffeine altogerther but don't have that option. I sent an e-mail to one of our local movie theaters and suggested that they might want to offer a little more sugar free options then I wouldn't have to "sneak" in my own drink. The next time we went to see a movie they had added diet Dr. Pepper. It was a start but in this day of so many people being unfortunate enough to have diabetes, you would think that people that offer food and drink selections would be a little more up on these needs. I am not necessarily a soft drink or a candy addict but do like this little indulgence now and then when we do go out.

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