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All of a sudden a bad Reputation!


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All of a sudden a bad Reputation!

janetms383 | Apr 9, 2009 12:17 PM

Over the last week or so, I've notice a lot of threads slamming the boneless, skinless breast of chicken! Remember when this food item was so hot, it's all people would order OR cook with. In fact, we're now charged extra for "white meat chicken".

Well I protest! If cooked properly, a boneless, skinless chicken breast is not inedible! It is a delicious entree at any time.

Some of my favorites:

Chicken Parmesan - homemade marinara, lightly breaded and fried cutlets, some good cheese all baked up to yummy, gooey goodness. hmmmm

Chicken Cordon Bleu - I pound the breast to thin it, roll tightly with ham and swiss (secure with a toothpick if necessary), roll in breadcrumbs, place in a baking dish and drizzle with melted butter, bake.

My Loco Chicken - I take olive oil, lemon/lime/iorange juice, cayenne pepper, garlic, cumin, mix it up and marinate my chicken breasts for about 1/2. A quick turn on the grill and they are delicious.

Or for a really quick fix, I'll pour some red taco sauce over chicken breast in a skillet, cover and simmer until the sauce reduces and the breasts are tender. Shred the meat, add back to the sauce and use for chicken tacos or quesadillas.

So, come on, let the boneless, skinless breasts get their good name back. How about some easy and delicious recipes.

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