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When do you suck it up?


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When do you suck it up?

givemecarbs | Oct 24, 2012 07:35 PM

I love good food and hate eating bad food but I know for me there is a time to just shut up and eat. My belief was put to the test on tuesday.
My uncle died recently and I was meeting my cousin to help clean out his apartment in Ambler Pa and have lunch. My uncle hated the gelato place in Ambler, Toto's so we couldn't bear to go there. We decided to go to a nice little deli where my uncle ate frequently. My cousin insisted on paying.
I got the roast beef special and my cousin got a roast beef wrap. When I bit into my sandwich the beef was starting to go bad and tasted funky. The rye bread, slaw and russian dressing could not drown out the slightly spoiled taste. I was furious but my cousin was upset over the death of my uncle, her dad and so was I. I chose to say nothing and ate the tainted meat. Luckily it was only half the sandwich, the other half the beef was merely tasteless to my great relief.
My cousin devoured her wrap so I guess her meat was okay. My dad's business partner who was like a second father to me grew up in the depression and taught me that slightly spoiled meat would not make him sick. I had a feeling I would be fine and I am but I am so mad at that place. Surely the beef must have smelled a little bad when they were handling it? There was no way I was going to sniff my sandwich or let on that anything was wrong. My cousin is sensitive anyway and this lunch was about giving her some emotional support. She even mentioned her dad to the staff as we were leaving and they remembered my uncle well and were sad to know that he had died.
What do you think? Are there times when you have chosen to suppress your inner hound for the greater good?

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