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substituting for lamb shanks?

ca262626 | Oct 1, 201108:11 AM

So, last weekend, I asked the meat and dairy guy at our neighborhood market to bring me some lamb shanks today. (He only brings certain things with him each Saturday, with other cuts available upon request.) Unfortunately, when I showed up this morning to pick them up, he had forgotten them.

I was going to braise them in pretty standard fashion. I've never really worked with any other lamb before, and am not an expert on various cuts by any means. Our meat guy is much more of a farmer than a cook, so he wasn't a ton of help... I asked if he had any other cuts that would do well braised, and had to sort of explain that a tougher cut with some bone and connective tissue would be good - he pulled out some cuts labeled just as "roasts" that were cut from the leg, just above the knee or thereabouts.

To my untrained eye, they looked like they would still work braised. Does anyone know for sure, and if I should consider any tweaks to the technique? Or should I switch plans and roast them? I'm so in the mood for a good braise now (it's finally a little cool here this weekend!) that I'm hoping not to have to go another route, but I also want to do right by the meat of course!


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