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while on the subject: easy, heat-stable tailgate friendly appetizers (cheap is a plus!)

cpilgrim84 | Sep 9, 200908:52 PM

Ok, on the feet of my last question: I'm also looking for some cheap, heat-stable tailgate apps.

We're doing smoked ribs and chicken and hot dogs for the main food. And I'll be making some baked sweets (a la my last post). We'll also have breakfast covered (hello granola). But we need some snacky things, and frankly I am tired of chips and salsa. What I'm looking for is something that:

1. Is ok in heat. We won't have a lot of places for stuff to chill, so mayo-based dips and stuff are a little....eh. Plus things will probably sit out for a long time for people to much on throughout the day. We're getting there at 7 am and the game isn't until 7 pm, so stuff could be out for a while.

2. Can be EASY EASILY assembled at the place, or (better yet) pre-assembled. I wanna have fun at the tailgate and not be making dishes! We'll have a smoker and a small grill on which we could heat up foods, but I don't want it to be too complicated...our access to water is limited, and I don't want to have to clean up a big mess at the tailgate spot. I was thinking of jalapeno poppers, but UGH I'm not going to be cutting jalapenos and wrapping them in bacon in a crowd of 90,000! And if I made them ahead of time they would probably look wilty and gross by the time we cooked them off.

2. Cheap. Seems like the guest list keeps expanding, and I want there to be plenty for all without busting my budget. The main meat dishes are already expensive enough!

Let me know if you have any suggestions! I am "game" for anything! Take that terrible pun as a thanks-in-advance gift from me to you.

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