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suadero ... (bull)


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suadero ... (bull)

rworange | Aug 8, 2005 12:13 AM

Ok, so I'm doing a taco crawl this weekend. On the menu is suadero which the truck translates as rose meat.

I think ... better check this out further. I quickly google and the first thing I see is beef rib. Fine. Go back get it.

It was kind of chewey. Definately beefy. Maybe stewed. And through the power of suggestion I think it does have sort of a rosy tinge.

So I get home and google a little more ... no two descriptions of suadero on the web are the same ... and that includes Chowhound.

In fact, one long ago post chowhounds are congratulating themselves on identifying what it is. That inspired the title for this post.

I gave up, but here's a cut and paste of SOME of the descriptions on the web. I will tell you what I had was NOT pork. It was NOT crispy.

I wonder if it is just some sort of general Mexican term. However even the preparation didn't seem the same.

Here goes:

(fried pork breastbone meat)

suadero (beef shoulder) marinated for up to three hours in lime and then char-broiled.

suadero (beef shoulder),

Suadero - beef stew

The suadero looked and tasted very much like carnitas. Chunky, shredded, porky goodness with enough rendered fat to lightly crisp the meat and coat all my arteries

chewy carnitas

I believe it's beef rib meat, not sure what the typical method of preparation is supposed to be, but from my torta, I'd guess boiled

suadero is the fatty beef from the rib area that becomes rich and tender when slow cooked.

Suadero is Boiled Pork.

This was my first encounter with suadero which is meat from beef ribs. I'm not sure which part of the rib this comes from, but it had all of the intensely rich beefy goodness that was missing from last night's kal bi (Korean short ribs). What flavor! This seemed like it was roasted, cut into small dice, and then grilled to reheat.

I've seen (and had) "suadero" as fried pork breastbone meat, as well as fried
flank steak

suadero (back).

suadero (pork belly),

suadero (bull),

beef flank

Suadero (flank steak panbroiled

Then I gave up ...

Any info would be helpful.

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