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Stuffing the turkey


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Stuffing the turkey

Mrs. Smith | Dec 10, 2002 03:35 PM

Here's a puzzler for those of us throwbacks out there who still stuff turkeys:

I belong to a family of turkey-stuffers. We stuffed that bird, every Thanksgiving and Christmas, year after year after year. I learned from my mom, who learned from hers. No one ever got sick. Never. Not once, in the 32 years of my existence, and long before that.

Then, Cooks Illustrated comes along, and says "to avoid getting sick from interior stuffing, microwave the stuffing to 130 degrees before you put the stuffing in the bird."

Seems like a good idea, right? Well, we did that, with all the choicest ingredients,and we got sick. Not violently ill, mind you, but we weren't feeling too fancy after eating interior stuffing. We had a fresh, naturally-raised brined turkey, and stuffed it with homemade bread/wildrice stuffing made with homemade stock.


I'm through -- I'm never stuffing a turkey again. And if I do, I'm going back to the old fashioned way (which never got us sick), which is

a frozen turkey (defrosted in the refrigerator,) just like mom used to make.

no brining

stuffing made with boxed croutons

made with stock from the little yellow bouillon cubes


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