Help me stress test my blender!


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Help me stress test my blender!

nokitchen | Oct 19, 2012 10:42 AM

I may have done a dumb thing or a very smart thing. Either way, I picked up a Breville iKon Hemisphere LCD blender ( for $80.

Why so cheap? It was remanufactured. We'll see whether that means they fixed the stuff that people frequently find wrong with Brevilles or not.

I need your help to stress test the thing over the next couple weeks. I intend to find out during my shortened warranty window whether this thing is up to snuff.

So what should I blend (foodwise!). I know ice is the big slayer of blenders, so lots of frozen margaritas, pina coladas and shaved ice are in my immediate future. Soft fruits shouldn't stress it but I'm led to understand that's a good test of quality.

I've read a lot about kale as a test. Is kale somehow tougher on blenders than, say, spinach? Either way I guess I'm going to learn to love green smoothies.

How else do I stress test this thing over the next 89 days?

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