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Strategy for confrontations with rude waiter/host/ess


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Strategy for confrontations with rude waiter/host/ess

Ruby | Jun 5, 2001 03:06 PM

In reading various Chowhound posts over the last year, I notice many complaints are not just about food but have to do with either a rude server, host/ess or maitre'd. Admittedly, rude or rushed service can detract from even the most delicious food. This got me wondering how other Chowhounds handle possible confrontations such as rudeness, being rushed, getting a lousy table or waiting too long to be seated. Do you have a good strategy for dealing with these situations such as being direct, or complaining to the manager or leaving a poor tip? What has worked best for you?

From my own experiences, I'm usually direct and get some satisfaction on the spot. So please share your pet strategies. Thanks.

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