I'm looking for storage "bar stools" for my kitchen!


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I'm looking for storage "bar stools" for my kitchen!

Miss Needle | Oct 31, 2008 11:03 AM

Hi all. I was looking for a couple of bar stools for my kitchen when I thought of this idea.

My kitchen is just about to bust with all of my stuff -- pots and pans, spices, different gluten-free flours, grains, legumes, condiments, etc. I thought that having bar stools with storage will hep me store a lot of the crap that I have. I probably won't be able to stuff my paella pan in it, but I can store a bunch of my flours and stuff so I actually have room to store my paella pan in the kitchen (There's not enough space between the top of my cabinets and ceiling to store it). I originally thought of tall kimchi pots (if it even exists) as it would be kind of funky and interesting. But kimchi jars don't really seem very comfortable to sit on (because they're cold, not because they're hard) unless I attach a cushion or something to lid.

I've found a lot of storage options that are a lot lower in height -- storage seats, storage ottomans. But I'm looking for something about 30" in height and that's sturdy enough to support a person.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

So I'm looking for a taller version of my above link -- square, circular -- doesn't matter. Anybody have any suggestions?

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