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"Stone House" in Guilford only mediocre

Scargod | Mar 4, 200811:13 AM

We had brunch at The Stone House Restaurant on Sunday 3-2 at 12:30PM. We made reservations. It was not very crowded when we arived, but eventually almost filled up and slightly resembled a retirement home diningroom.

I was expecting a little more from this place regarding the view.
See: http://www.stonehouserestaurant.com/i...
I expected a view (and there is outside) but barely one, if at all, depending on where you sit, once you are inside. I thought the food and setting would be a little more upscale, and yet there were no tablecloths, and from the look of the extensive wear marks on the tables, there often aren't. The website shows tablecloths..... We were given a chipped wine glass on the first round. The restaurant was a little cool. They only have single pane glass and they left a door open to an unused (and presumably) unheated back area. I went to the tiny bathroom and found that the bolt (on the primitive door latch) was the only means for opening the door to get out!
Things started out slowly and on a bad foot when the waiter brought me a "red" when I asked for Caymus Conundrum. There has never been a "red" Caymus Conundrum! When he eventually returned he said there was not any. It thought this odd (a conundrum?)because it was only $7.00 a glass on the wine list, when it should have been double that! No wonder they didn't have any! I ordered the Toasted Head Chardonnay instead. Getting my drink took quite a while. We were brought a bread basket with some hard sticks, dry crumbly pieces of bread and some nice crusty bread with a soft interior, if you like that "cotton candy" interior style, and "frozen" butter; so hard we could hardly scrape any of it off with a knife!
"She" started with a crab and avocado timballe, which was nicely presented. The fried onion garnish was a little greasy but the salad was tasty and had a nice dressing. I had clam chowder, which was average. It was not too thick; good in that respect.
We had to ask for more wine and the meal slowly dragged on. She had an artichoke and spinach pie, with a huge Greek salad which was decent. The crust could have been better and it didn't seem as if it was made that morning. I had a fried mahi-mahi "poor boy", I think they called it. The basic sandwich was quite good; it consisted of two small pieces of a rye style of bread and the fish cutlet came slathered with carmelized onions. You could barely hold this together and eat it without it self-destructing. There was not room for any of the fixin's on the sandwich. No way-no how was any of the lettuce, tomato or red onion going to get onto that sandwich! And why would you serve raw red onions with a sandwich that already had cooked onions on it? I got fries with my sandwich and they tasted a little of old oil that had cooked many things. I saw fries being served at another table that were VERY brown. If I had been the waitress I would have not dared serve those....
Ah, dessert! Or one would wish you could say so. Our waiter lays the dessert menu onto the substantial pile of crumbs on the table without a thought..... I wipe the table off, myself.
I chose the "triple berry tart" and She had the NY style cheesecake. Both came with a small dollop of fresh whipped cream. The tart seemed to be a "double" berry tart rather than "triple" and the blueberries, which made up almost all of the topping, were inedible. I mean leathery tough! God knows how long that thing had been sitting around! The crust on the cheesecake was poor and the cake had a distinctive canned, sweetened, condensed milk taste and a little too smooth a consistency. Not very good "NY cheesecake".

The meal took a long time. TWO HOURS for a fairly basic meal, where only a fish fillet and fries were cooked.

We waited an eternity for the bill.

Wanting to leave, and not being very pleased with the experience, it seemed like two eternities....

When I was presented the bill it showed $48 owed. I thought, "ah!, he has made up for things by taking some wine off the tab". NO; when the bill came back for me to sign it had jincreased to the correct $72.. I so had my hopes up.....
I could see how this place could have a stellar meal up its sleeve and how service could be decent but neither came together for us on this event. Very mediocre. VERY slow and barely competent service.

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