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stir fry issues


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stir fry issues

Vicv07 | Nov 7, 2012 04:25 AM

Hi everyone. Have a couple questions about stir frying. I haven't yet gotten a wok yet as I don't want a flat bottomed one and i have an electric stove. Will be buying a gas burner in the future. As of now I'm using a 32cm DeBuyer mineral pan. I've had it about a year and the seasoning pretty good as anything that sticks easily scrapes out . My question is heat. Regardless if I stir fry or searing/cooking meat I get a very large amount of smoke in the house. I'm not burning anything but the house fills up. This may seem a silly question but I'm new to high heat cooking. Is all the smoke normal? I keep hearing that high btu's work well for this type of cooking but if my weak glass top stove produces enough heat on high to turn the house into a smoke house why would anyone need more? Thanks

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