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Stilton Bleu cheese shelf life?


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Stilton Bleu cheese shelf life?

Dax | May 10, 2005 08:36 PM

I bought a block of stilton bleu at TJ's probably early last month or so. The sell by date is 4/28. It has been wrapped in plastic loosely and stored in tupperware in the fridge essentially since purchase. There is no noticable *extra* mold aside from what is usual to the cheese (ie no extra white film). It smells like ok bleu to me. Is this cheese still ok?

If it is, I plan on asking for recipes on the home cooking board.

Assuming it is, I want to use some tonight as I bought some good pastrami and plan on making a panini with a homemade bleu cheese dressing, the pastrami, a slice or two of tomato and perhaps a tad bit of my homemade tapenade. Maybe some mixed salad greens. I also just quickly sauteed some fresh chives and shallots - which I may mix into the bleu as a spread.



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