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Stella Artois in the WSJ


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Stella Artois in the WSJ

WLA | Apr 12, 2002 11:04 AM

Today's Market Place has a pretty major story under the heading of Advertising about Stella Artois, and how the brewer, Interbrew NV came up with the campaign to make this a "premium beer" here in the US. In Belgium it sells for $1.10 per pint or $6.50 for a 24-pack. The story, (by Dan Bilefsky), goes on to talk about how...

"In 1999 the company hired a team of 30-something partygoers from the beer industry to draw up a list of the 20 most-exclusive bars in the city (NY). The list included such hip joints as Chez Esaada and Markt, favorite haunts of Madonna and other celebrities. An Interbrew sales team flew over from Belgium to explain that distributors should limit the Stella supply to those 20 bars and charge about $100 for a keg, well more than the $85 commanded by Heineken."

Sorry I couldn't find the recent thread about Stella to post this, but I did a Hot Posts search for General Topics and Manhattan, and couldn't find or remember where the thread was. Another senior moment.

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